We are pleased to use 
Precious Arrows Birth Kits.

Please order your kit to have on hand 
by your 36/37 week home visit.

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Birth Kit and Preparation for Your Home Birth
Alternative Birth Services Birth Kit
Use the above link to order your birth kit
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In addition to your birth kit, please gather these items prior to your home visit.These items are simple household items that are vital during your the birth. Place these items, along with your birth kit, in a laundry basket near your intended birthing area for easy accessibility. 

- If planning to use birth tub: order fish net AND birth tub liner with your birth kit. Our birth tubs        can not be used without a liner. 

- If planning to use birth tub: one NEW garden hose, typically 50 feet. The hose must reach from    your nearest bathroom to your intended birthing area. This can be bought after your home            visit in order to discuss the birthing area and how long the hose will need to be.

- 8 or more clean, 100% cotton, linen or muslin receiving blankets - wrapped in tin foil like a            burrito, with the material completely covered.

- 4 or more clean bath towels

- 6 clean washcloths

- box of non-latex gloves 

- 1 roll of paper towels

- 1 shower curtain liner 

- 1 large black trash bag

- overnight maxi pads

- clothing for birthing parent: clean nightgown/pajamas, nursing bra, warm socks

- clothing for baby: undershirt, gown, cap, diapers, socks, blankets

- 3 or more large bottles of hydrogen peroxide

- Food for your family: labor snacks for the birthing parent, partner, family, and friends plus at        least one pre-made meal for immediately after the birth.

- Hydrating fluid options for the laboring parent (Gatorade, juice, coconut water, broth)

- liquid chlorophyll 

- thermometer

-1 small bottle of olive oil

- bag of ice

- baby wipes

- pillows, pillows, and more pillows

- comforter and flat bed sheet