We are pleased to use Precious Arrows Birth Kit service.  They are very reasonably priced, offer free shipping and have great customer service.  Please order your kit to have on hand by your 36/37 week home visit.  Click on the link below to go directly to our kit on Precious Arrow's website.

Alternative Birth Services Birth Kit

In addition to your birth kit, we ask that you gather these items during your pregnancy to use during the birth and postpartum period.  Place these items along with your birth kit in a laundry basket for easy accessibility.

*If planning to use birth tub for labor/birth: order fish net scooper AND                      birth tub liner with your birth kit

*If planning to use birth tub for labor/birth: new garden hose

*8 receiving blankets, wrapped and rolled in foil for baby 

*4 clean bath towels for mom

*6 clean washcloths for compresses

*1 roll of paper towels

*1 shower curtain liner 

*1 large black trash bag

*crock pot or pasta pot for warming up compresses

*overnight maxi pads

*clothing for Mom: clean nightgown/pjs, nursing bra, warm socks

*clothing for Baby: undershirt, gown, cap, diapers, socks, blankets

* 3 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide for stain clean up

*Food: labor snacks (for mom and partner/attendants) and drinks                            (Gatorade, juice), plus pre-made meal for after birth

*camera/camcorder (check batteries)

*digital thermometer

*1 small bottle of olive oil

*bag of ice

*baby wipes

*pillows, pillows and more pillows

*liquid chlorophyll (found at health food store)

*comforter and flat bed sheet

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