​ - Comprehensive Home Birth Package 
   This includes your prenatal care, labor support, birth care, postpartum care, and newborn care.     Waterbirth is included.

 - Waterbirth
   We offer waterbirth to our clients and supply a professional grade birth tub and accessories to     help facilitate the most comfortable birth possible. 
   The Evidence on Waterbirth

 - VBAC 
   A VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and refers to giving birth through the vagina         after the woman has already had a cesarean. We believe that VBAC is a safer option than               repeat cesarean section for most pregnant people. 
   We have a 100% VBAC success rate in our practice. 
   The Evidence on VBAC

 - Preconception and Fertility Counseling Appointments
   Having trouble getting pregnant? Planning on becoming pregnant in the next couple months?       Let's meet to discuss the issues and optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy. 

 - Doula Services 
   Doulas are non-medical labor support professionals. People who have doulas at their births 
   are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and less likely to have epidurals, vacuum         assisted birth, and cesarean birth. There are also higher rates of birth satisfaction and lower         chance of postpartum mood disorders. We provide hospital doula services for those that plan       to birth in a hospital.
   The Evidence on Doulas

 - Monitrice Services
   A monitrice provides medical prenatal care, early labor support at home, then transports to the     hospital where our backup doctors (Maternal Fetal Medicine) become your medical provider         and we continue in a non-medical support role. This option is excellent for clients who are too       high risk for home birth, or clients who may qualify for home birth and desire personalized             prenatal and postpartum support as well as expert labor guidance, but are not yet comfortable     with the option of home birth.

 - Childbirth Education Classes
   Childbirth Education Classes help prepare you to give birth give - whether you plan to birth at         home or the hospital - vaginal or cesarean birth. We will walk you through normal changes in         pregnancy, the birth process, labor coping techniques, and what to expect in the postpartum         period.

 - Unmedicated Childbirth Preparation Classes
   Are you desiring an unmedicated birth? If so, this is the class for you. We will go into detail           about comfort measures, will practice labor support positions, and more.

 - SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test 
   SneakPeek allows you to find out the chromosomal sex/gender of your baby as early as 8             weeks gestation with 99.1% accuracy. 

​ - Nutrition Education through the Childbearing Year
   Nutrition is an integral part in staying low risk during your pregnancy. We meet you with where       you are at in your nutrition journey and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

 - Infant Feeding Support
   We want you to be successful in your breastfeeding journey, whatever that may look like for           you. We offer breastfeeding education, counseling, support, and breastfeeding complication         assistance. For those that plan to return to work or exclusively pump, we offer pumping                 guidance. 
   Our practice has over a 99% exclusive breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks and 95% exclusive                   breastfeeding rate at 6 months.

 - Placenta Encapsulation
   Placenta Encapsulation is the process of processing a placenta and putting it into pill form so       you can enjoy the benefits of placentophagy. We have been performing this service since 2007.

 - Cloth Diaper Education and Support
   Between the two of us, we have cloth diapered 6 kids over a 15 years. We can answer any             questions you may have about cloth diapers and help you find the best products and routine         for your situation.

 - Babywearing Education and Support
   Babywearing helps the transition to the 4th trimester. We can help find the appropriate carrier       for you and your baby and teach you how to wear it properly and safely. We also have a lending     library for clients.

Consultations are complimentary. Evening appointments are available.
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