Birth is about making mothers ~ 
strong, competent mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

-Barbara Katz Rothman

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I really loved the prenatal care that I received from Laura. She was always so uplifting and had something positive to say. During my prenatal appointments, I learned so much about my body, how to take care of myself, and about different herbs and supplements I could take while I was pregnant. She also helped me to understand the many changes that my body was going through. Laura helped me understand that being pregnant and giving birth is a natural, beautiful,and spiritual experience that women go through.
Laura has such a peaceful presence and was so patient and understanding to all of my needs when I was laboring. She showed my husband different things that he could do to help ease my pain. Laura's presence and knowledge helped me to have very empowering home birth experiences.
The postpartum care that I received from her from her was absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have asked for anything more!
Laura truly has a special gift to give women and I am glad that I choose her to be my midwife. She really gave me superior care throughout my pregnancies. I would definitely have her as my midwife again!

Being pregnant and giving birth for the first time might have been a scary experience, but Laura made every moment wonderful. She kept me doing what I needed to be doing for the health of myself and my baby. After giving birth to my son, all 10 lb 6 oz of him, Laura became even more invaluable. Her knowledgeable care in the postpartum period made my relationship with my son wonderful and painless (breastfeeding among other thing). I still call her with questions and my son is almost 3 years old. I tell everyone what a great experience I had. Laura made the whole experience of childbirth amazingly wonderful!

Laura was my doula for the labor and birth of my first child. She was a HUGE support as my labor went on for 30 hours. She walked the halls with me, supported me in running water over my belly in the tub, massaged my feet and back, helped me remain calm throughout labor, and was also a huge support to my husband and mother who were also there supporting me through my labor. She was my biggest cheerleader as I was pushing and once Kelsie was born, she helped position her to nurse and stayed with us until we got the hang of it. Laura played a large role in helping me succeed in having the natural birth I desired for my first baby.

Ivy, with Laura attending, were my first experience with a midwife. They gently and lovingly helped me bring baby #4 into this world. They kept me calm, reassured me when I thought I couldn't do it, and calmed all my fears. I was blessed to have both of these amazing ladies by my side. In the end I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who I adore, had all my wishes honored, and still to this day am lucky enough to call them both dear friends.
THANK YOU, Ivy and Laura for sharing your gifts with the rest of us, I would recommend these wonderful ladies to anyone who wants the blessing of home birth with ladies that have experience and LOVE for what they do.

Laura's gentle hands and tender heart make her a wonderful midwife. I am very thankful that she attended my birth. I am also thankful for all the extra time she spent with me prenatally, giving tips and suggestions for natural/herbal helps. She made me feel like a trusted friend and her warmth made it easy to open up and trust her back. And rightly so, because her insight and experience are true signs of her abilities. I would be happy to use her services again.