Laura has been attending births since 2000. She started attending births as a doula and during the pregnancy of her fourth child in 2004, she felt the call to become a midwife.

 She completed her apprenticeship with a traditional homebirth midwife in 2007 and in the summer of 2007, she served as an intern at a high volume birth center in the Philippines. While there, she handled and assisted at many births, managed labors, performed prenatal, postpartum, and newborn exams.  During her time in Davao, Laura was able to see complications and practice procedures we do not normally experience in a low risk homebirth setting.  In 2008, she returned as a volunteer midwife.  

She has attended approximately 450 births and is certified in Adult & Infant CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.  As a part of Laura's midwifery practice, she endeavors to update her knowledge and skills by regularly attending midwifery education workshops and conferences and using current evidence based care within her practice.  

Laura believes every birthing woman has the right to empowered choices.  As a midwife, she helps guide parents through pregnancy and birth, informing them about all aspects of prenatal, birth and postpartum care options.
Every woman is unique, as is each pregnancy. Care is tailored to meet the needs of each individual and family.  

As a midwife, Laura is honored to be an experienced assistant who is invited to be present for a great miracle - the birth of a child.

Laura, Baby Prenn, and Ivy
Laura Hopper,
Primary Midwife
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Ivy started her passion for natural childbirth in 1991 while living in Oregon, prior to the birth of her fourth child. She attended a doula workshop with Informed Homebirth and Parenting and found out she was pregnant the day after the conference. That birth would be her first natural birth and the beginning of her journey into midwifery. The experience forever changed her life.  Two years later, she gave birth to her fifth child with a midwife in a freestanding birth center. Four months later, in 1994 she began her midwifery apprenticeship with a traditional homebirth midwife in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ivy had two more homebirths attended by her preceptor and completed her apprenticeship in 1997 with over 100 births under her belt.

Ivy enjoyed a busy practice here in Southern Utah until 2007, at which time her husband’s job necessitated the family move to California.

In July of 2015, Ivy moved back to Utah, after her children were grown.  We are so happy to welcome her back.  Ivy brings a special nurturing spirit to the practice that moms and babies love. Her years of experience, as both a midwife and mother of 7, add to the care that ABS provides to their clients.  Ivy is thankful to be able continue to pursue her passion, serving families through midwifery.   
Ivy Duncan,